Medical Billing and Coding Job Description

by admin on September 2, 2012

Medical billing and coding plays a very important role in medical centers like a physician’s clinic, medical office and hospitals. One of the fastest career launches for young graduates is possible in medical billing and coding. There are various positions in medical billing and coding such as medical billing specialist, medical records coder, certified medical biller, medical biller, office manager (medical office), front desk receptionist, administrative assistant and many more. Almost all these professionals are females and very few males are employed in this sector.

With the help of medical billing and coding patients medical services are coded, billed and entered into a computer. The invoice obtained is sent to patient. Some of the commercial ventures that employ these professionals are health care, medical office, physician’s office, medical billing and collection services, hospitals and diagnostics centers.

Duties and responsibilities of Medical billing and coding:

  • Duties of medical billing and coding professionals vary as per the type of the company they are working in.
  • Must maintain patient’s information in full confidence.
  • Handle all types of insurance claims and insurance frauds.
  • Process accounts transactions such as accounts payable and receivable.
  • A lot of paperwork must be done by these medical coders and billers.
  • All medical facilities completed must be reported to insurance firms by proper coding standards.
  • Ensure that the patient is covered by insurance before all procedures are started.
  • Must verify insurance covers.
  • Ensure that CPT code along with ICD-9 code is mentioned on each insurance claim.

Educational Requirement:

  • Based on the designation in medical billing and coding the individual’s educational qualification also varies.
  • A bachelor’s degree or associate degree in medical sciences is compulsory.
  • Educational qualifications also affect the salary of an individual.
  • To move ahead in this career the individual must have a master’s degree.

Certifications needed:

  • There are various types of certifications that can be done by a professional medical coder and biller.
  • Certifications included are Certified Professional Coder, Medical Billing and Coding Certificate, Certified Coding Associate, Certified Billing and Coding Specialist, American Academy of Professional Coders and Registered Health Information Technician.
  • Candidate with any one of the mentioned certifications is compulsory.

Salaries of medical billing and coding:

  • Salaries and other pay allowances of these professionals are based on many factors such as their work experience, location of work place, employer type and name, industry type and certification done.
  • Salary for medical technician based on their gender:

For females $13.45-$18.99 per hour

  • Salary of medical billing or coder specialist upon gender:

For females $11.90-$16.78 and for males $10.08-$15.69 per hour in America

  • Experience is very important for medical coder to perform various actions such as insurance claims and coding.
  • The below table displayed reveals annual pay range in U.S for medical billing or coding specialist as
Experienced levels               Minimum and maximum annual pay
With less than one year $19,010 $45,205
Around 1 to 4 years $23,415 $51,005
Around 5 to 9 years $26,005 $51,725
Ten to nineteen years $25,215 $51,825
More than 20 years $28,745 $57,775
  •  Almost all of the employers pay similar annual range packages with minimal variations in maximum pay.
  • Based on the type of certification a medical coder specialist is remunerated accordingly.
Certification name Financial remuneration per year
Certified Coding Specialist $25,155 $75,455
Medical Billing and Coding Certificate $19,015 $45,015
Certified Professional Coder $24,835 $58,715
Certified Coding Associate $29,015 $38,625


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